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Née Jolie™ | PolyGel Nail Kit

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Get salon quality at home - Perfect nails in no time!

This super quick and convenient PolyGel Nail Kit will make your nails shine! No more expensive nail salons or long waiting times! Do it yourself with this PolyGel nail kit!

With our professional gel and revolutionary application system, you can easily apply the gel nails without any skill or training. You save the time and expense that a professional nail salon would take! And all this in professional salon quality: the gel nails are strong, stay in place for a long time and do not break off.

Bring salon quality into your home with this revolutionary poly gel nail kit!


✓ All-in package - You have everything you need to give yourself a beautiful manicure multiple times!

✓ Stays on for weeks - Stronger than any other hard gel! You don't have to worry about the nails breaking with your daily activities and the nails will stay in place for 2-3 weeks!

✓ Light and comfortable - You won't even know you're wearing them! The unique polygel ensures smooth and beautiful nails and an even, beautiful color.

✓ Safe - No toxic substances are used!

✓ Easy to use - Quick and easy application (15-30 minutes)! Without any training or special skills, you can put on beautiful gel nails. After application, you can style your nails as you wish. Suitable for everyone from home use to nail salons!


7 x Different PolyGel colors
1 x Base Coat for the perfect start
1 x Top Coat for the perfect finish
1 x Dissolving agent
1 x Brush and mini spatula to spread Polygel on the nail
1 x Nail file
10 x Nail holders with the best possible nail shape
1 x FREE UV Lamp to quickly dry your nails


  1. Wash and disinfect your nails.
  2. Polish the surface of your nails with a file.
  3. Apply a base coat to your nails and dry well under a UV lamp.
  4. Choose the size of your artificial nail.
  5. Squeeze the right amount of polygel onto the nail holder and spread evenly. The layer must not be too thin, but also not too thick.
  6. Dip the brush in the lubricant. Now rub the lubricating liquid on the polygel that is on the false nail to make it easier to spread.
  7. Place the artificial nail on your nail and press firmly. Let the nail dry under your UV lamp for 1-2 minutes. Keep pressing the artificial nail until you feel it is firmly in place.
  8. Remove the nail holder by moving it left and right. Select the desired length of your nail and trim and file off the excess.
  9. Apply a coat of topcoat to create a smooth, shiny nail surface. Dry under the UV lamp for 30/60 seconds.


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Née Jolie™ | PolyGel Nail Kit - Glimpse Cosmetics
Née Jolie™ | PolyGel Nail Kit Sale price$70.00 Regular price$139.00